Trade Union Disability Alliance (TUDA)

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Who can join TUDA?

The core of TUDA’s membership is individual Disabled people. So long as they are also trade union members, they can become Full Members, which entitles them to participate in all TUDA activities. (If you are not a trade union member but would like to find out more about them with a view to joining, click here.) Only Full members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Full membership costs £7 per annum, for waged members and £2 per annum, for unemployed or low-paid members.

Individual non-disabled Trade Union members can also show their commitment to TUDA’s work by becoming Supporting Subscribers at the same price as full individual membership (£7 per annum, for waged members and £2 per annum, for unemployed or low-paid members).

We welcome affiliations from Trade Unions at branch, regional and national levels at the following annual rates:

NB: We recently raised our subscription rates for national unions in recognition of continued mergers. However, we have held our rates down for smaller unions.

If you want to join TUDA please print out and post this form to TUDA Membership Secretary, C/o. Berni McCrea, 44 Circular Road, Jordanstown, Newtownabbey. BT37 0RG. Please make cheques payable to TUDA. Contact us if you would like to pay by an alternative method, for example by setting up a standing order (NB: we are unable to offer direct debit facilities at this time).



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